Everyone deserves the right to quality products at reasonable prices

25 years ago the owner Joceline Krzyszczyk had a dream. She opened her first location South Winnipeg Eye Centre, and 5 years later would open her second location Southdale Eye Centre.

Her dream and focus for her business is to provide excellent customer service with affordable products for her customers.

Joceline has taught each of her staff her secret to excellent customer service, which is listening to your customer. Each member of our team is trained to listen to your needs, helping and educating each patient of options or choices! We value your business and look forward to having you as a member of our family!  

South Winnipeg Eye Centre
South Winnipeg Eye Centre

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Southdale Eye Centre

120-115 Vermillion Rd,

Winnipeg, MB R2J 4A9

Phone. 204-257-9990

Fax. (204) 257-9994

Email. swecsec@gmail.com

South Winnipeg Eye Centre

5-1500 Dakota St,

Winnipeg, MB R2N3Y7

Phone. (204) 254 - 8011

Fax. (204) 256-1942

Email. swec@shaw.ca